Software for Intel RealSense

Software for Intel® RealSense™

We’ve teamed up with the best depth sensing software developers to provide you an outstanding result.

3D Scanning

DotProduct develops high performance, easy-to-use solutions for capturing 3D data. Their self-contained handheld 3D scanning products have revolutionized the 3D scanning industry since their introduction in 2013. With Dot3D Scan for Intel RealSense, they have developed a complete 3D capture and processing application for Windows devices equipped with Intel RealSense cameras. Features include accurate 3D tracking, instant 3D reconstruction, compressed 3D exports, compatibility with CAD workflows, precise 3D measurement, intuitive 3D cropping, and much more. For more information on DotProduct and Dot3D Scan, click the link below.
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ImFusion is an ISO 13485 certified company offering consulting, research and development in advanced medical image computing technologies and computer vision. ImFusion creates highly efficient product implementations on today's parallel multi-core and GPU architectures. They offer powerful computer vision algorithms and software solutions for both medical image processing and general computer vision. All the provided components are also available for OEM integration and as software development kits for custom applications.

ImFusion created RecFusion - software for creating 3D models of your environment using several types of depth sensors, including the Intel RealSense D400 series. The reconstruction runs in real-time allowing you to directly see the model build up on screen. Several post-processing functions are included to clean up and improve the scans, for instance to prepare them for 3D printing. In the Pro version multiple sensors can be used simultaneously, which makes it an ideal choice for building fast turntable scanning systems. The 3D scanning functionality can also be used inside custom applications by utilizing the RecFusion SDK.
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itSeez3D is working on the computer vision technology that turns mobile devices into powerful 3D scanners. They have developed a versatile mobile 3D scanning application that allows you to create high-resolution photorealistic 3D models of people's' faces, bodies and objects. The Scanner is used for a variety of applications, including entertainment, medical, fitness, retail and more. Itseez3D also licenses Scanner SDK to enable building end user applications with scanning capabilities.
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Skeletal Tracking

Founded in 2011, 3DiVi Inc. is a leading software development company in computer vision, expert in AI and deep learning. Their algorithmic products for face and body recognition are aimed at areas of AR, smart home, IoT, smart cars, digital health, biometrics, security and robotics.

3DiVi created Nuitrack – the industry leading 3D skeletal tracking middleware. The Nuitrack SDK for Intel RealSense provides skeletal tracking, gesture recognition and face recognition for Windows and Linux platforms.
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